Hi, I'm Lizé.

I was born in September in a small town called Klerksdorp, South Africa. I love wishing on things, anything from an eyelash to an airplane resembling a shooting star. I hum when I am nervous. My favorite thing in life is writing about love, specifically falling in love.I love the numbers 11:11. I seem to see 11:11 on clocks all the time. I like to believe 11:11 is a sign from angels. My biggest fear is that something bad will happen to my family. Or, not acheiving what I have always wanted and that's singing on a world stage. I would love to win a Grammy, and have imagined it a million times.

I have a cat named Chi-monkey and a fish called Pluto-Monkey. I basically double-barrel all my pets with the name Monkey, and I have no idea why. I live in Australia, in a beautiful city called Perth. I have been there for three years. I love going to the theatre and watching live shows.I get my hopes up all the time and consider myself an optimist. I studied law after I finished high school because I thought one day I might want to represent aspiring artists, but then after a while I realised I am an artist at heart and went back to my first love.

I love my friends and I'm always making new ones. I don't think that anyone can have enough friends. Music has taken me all over the world. I'm so blown away by how incredible it is that no matter where you go people can connect through music.

I feel extremely vulnerable when I perform and really leave all my emotions on stage. For the last year, I've been working on an album called 11:11. I called it that because when I started working on it, I kept seeing the numbers 11:11 everywhere and that kept me motivated. Thank you for listening, coming to watch my shows, visiting my site and sharing your stories with me. Lizé xxx